Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Half-off Day Thrifting

This really great thrift store has half-off day on Mondays with certain color tags. Yesterday the colors were blue and white. My girls and I scored some awesome stuff! I didn't pay over $2.00 for anything! I loved this little pitcher and I plan on painting the metal cone and putting dried flowers in it. The black metal thing, I have NO idea(anyone know?) what it is but I thought it was neat...

as you can see, Millie thought it made a fabulous hat! Not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm sure I'll think of something~

Allie found some really cute, spring skirts yea!

I found Millie some adorable dresses, mostly Old Navy and Gymboree

some cute pants for Millie from Gap~note the price tag and half off of that!

and for moi, a cute Express skirt and Gap button up, both half off

ahh...I get such a thrill out of the hunt!

(click on pictures to see them bigger)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The "After"...and another "Before"

Ta-da! I LOVE the way she turned out! I put her right by my front door, now maybe my guy won't lose his keys anymore! I painted her a minty green color, then antiqued it with a stain/glaze. She was beat up and had a lot of nicks and scratches, which is good for antiquing. So, yeah I just love her...

~If anyone out there has any old furniture they want to give me or redo for them, contact me!~

The Story of a Sad Chair
There once was an ugly chair who nobody wanted. She was sat on and mistreated. She was trying to find another home, but still no one would take her. Even when she was marked down to $12, still she just sat, until one day a girl who had an eye for junk saw the potential in her and brought her home. That girl gave her the beauty makeover she deserved....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fabulous Finds on Friday!

I went to a garage sale and found the awesome "Lord's Prayer" poster for $1 and the vintage blue and white metal box AND the clothes, all in really great shape for $1.oo a piece! The cream-colored sweater is so cute, with a tie around the waist and I love the salmon-colored cords.
The poster, which I have seen at a boutique here in OKC and they sell it matted in leopard and framed for like $100 or something crazy, so I went to the RINK gallery to check out their sale table and look for a frame for my poster. I found the frame for $20 and I have leopard fabric in my scraps, I can totally do this for WAY cheaper.
The RINK is my new favorite place!! Today, along with the frame, I found another ironstone bowl, which I think is so beautiful and aged, for $1 and something that I'm having my guy pick up tomorrow and I totally scored on it. I'll post before and after pics when I get it. EEEK, I am so excited about it....!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday garage sale steals!

Despite the freezing cold, I braved it to go look at this garage sale I saw online. They had pictures and in one of them I saw what looked like, a dress form, possibly vintage. I got there and found that they had sold it the day before and that it was very old, ugh!! Oh well, however I DID find some really cool vintage goods~ A big bunch of beautiful old silver(not the pitcher, that's just what I'm putting it in to display in my kitchen), a vintage flower frog (these are so cool for using to display an old photo or postcard), and a wire shoe(I LOVE that, thought it would be cute in one of my girls' rooms with something in it)! The nice lady told me to give her a price so I got it all for $5.00! ...and Jeff told me not to spend the whole $50 in one place..Ha!
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