Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas & Creating

Okay, so I'm the world's worst blogger...I get too busy reading all the other amazing ones with amazing ideas and then my little brain is gushing with ideas which keep me so busy, I never keep up with my own blog...sheesh

I've seen all the cute cookie sheet Christmas advents/countdowns and I love them, so I decided I would make one of my own. I love the way it turned out and I think I'll make one that can be interchangable for the rest of the year to hang in the kitchen.
*please pardon my terrible pictures and the lovely date on them*

I'm working on a "Family Rules" canvas too and will try to get pictures up when I finish...if I'm not busy with some new project!

Getting ready for Christmas means...

getting out THESE beauties (yes, I stored them in ziploc bags!)

I just love the aged patina on some of them. I've been scouring garage sales for them before the became such a hot item. I could get a whole box of Shiny Brites for .25 cents! Now, they're a bit harder to come by. I can't have enough of them. Some of them hung on my grandparents' tree...

I love the little pinecone one...

I'm off to get more ideas!
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