Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vintage Christmas Postcard Ornaments

These are vintage Christmas postcards that are all around 100 years old that I bought on ebay for really cheap. I used old-fashioned glitter and ribbon on them and hung them on my vintage style tree. The next ones I make, I'll add more embellishments with vintage paper and things.

More Christmas...

I made these stockings and used leftover leopard from my sofa and some pretty jewel-tone green satin that I got for .50 cents from a garage sale! I could make these in whatever fabric combinations to match different color schemes. The pin is a vintage brooch and since I took this photo, I found some other clear colored brooches at an antique store and put them on others which I think is too cute!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Mantle

Here is my Christmas mantle. I collected the bottle-brush trees and the other little trees from various places this past year. The wreath was a joint effort between my sweet husband and I.
I had the vision of a square ornament wreath but couldn't find any kind of square form. So, I thought of using pvc pipe. I bought 18 inch pipe pieces and the L-joints and started wiring all th ornaments on. I got quite a few on and realized it was going to be way too big and I wouldn't have enough ornaments. I took those off and had Jeff cut the pipes down to 12 inches (with the joints, each side was about 16 inches long) and I started wiring again. The problem was when I stood the form upright, all of the ornaments fell to all sides and messed up my careful placement of each color throughout. I was about to chunk the whole thing down the stairs (and my dear husband was going to chunk me down the stairs for it taking so many hours and having to listen to my whining). So, my brilliant husband suggested that I let him drill holes through both sides and the ornaments would stay put! A few more hours later, voila'! My vision is complete! (Thanks honey)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Kitchen Display

Here's my little kitchen shelf vignette that I did for Christmas this year. (Ignore the hideous '90s wallpaper and stain, if you can). I used all vintage balls and I LOVE how the 3 balls turned out hanging them on the faux grapevine. I even filled an old milk bottle on the very top with balls.

Vintage Christmas Postcard Pillow

This is a gift I made for my sister-in-law. I bought a bunch of vintage (this one is about 100 years old!) Christmas postcards on e-bay. I found fabric that can go through the printer at Hobby Lobby. I used the cotton poplin since it has the finest weave. I scanned the postcard, set the size, printed it and then found coordinating fabrics and trims. I machine stitched the picture onto the red fabric and mitered the corners on the sage fabric, then sewed on the trims by hand. It was so fun putting together the fabrics and this could work with any holiday postcard or maybe a botanical photocopy out of a book
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