Saturday, March 10, 2012

button letter art: Pinterest inspired

Millie and I had been inspired by some images and tutorials we've seen on Pinterest such as

and this:

so we decided to make our own. She actually did most of it
I helped pick out buttons, mostly vintage, that would match her
Millie did all the placing of the buttons herself.
We repurposed an old print and frame that I'd bought a long time ago
from Bed Bath & Beyond and we had a ton of  buttons from 
Gma would love what we'd done with them :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

ruffled burlap wreath

this is a ruffled burlap wreath that I made for a sweet high school girl
and a charity auction that she was gathering items for! The beneficiary is 
Oklahoma Project Woman, an organization that helps all women, 
despite financial ability, have access to breast health care.
Her high school chose this organization for their annual service project.

torn linen bow with robin's egg blue seam binding

love this bird's nest! I wove some shredded vintage sheet
music through it...

I hope it helps bring in lots of money for this wonderful cause!

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