Tuesday, July 13, 2010

vacation fun with Mickey

I'm getting back into the swing of things after our two-week long trip to sunny Florida and our first time to Walt Disney World! We had the BEST time and I'm so thankful we got to go and spend that time together and make lots of new memories. We've been back for about three weeks and the girls are still talking about it!
Our first stop was Pensacola. We go there every year, but this time was a bit different seeing all of these down at the public beach parking area.
We didn't see any oil blobs at all and the beach was as beautiful as ever....
Our girls love the beach!
We loved Minnie!
Disney World was wonderful and it was so fun for me as a mom to see how magical it was for them. Even my 12-year-old!
They took this in Magic Kingdom while waiting for the fireworks to begin.
Can you tell it was like a sauna?? It was SO hot, I've never experienced humidity like that,
even in New Orleans in August!
Our last day at the parks!

Then we went to Crystal River and did some scuba diving/snorkeling!
Millie snorkeling!
Allie and I scuba diving!
Daddy/daughter diving!

When we started the long drive back to Oklahoma, we decided we'd go through Memphis,
do some sight-seeing there and of course, have some delicious bar-b-que!

The first thing we did was go here...
to the National Civil Rights Museum where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot and killed.
It was very interesting and extremely moving...

We saw the famous Beale Street...
Jeff and I'd like to go back there and hang out...sans children!

When I saw an ad for this
I had to make the family go see it because I LOVE old cemeteries!
This is the Elmwood Cemetery and has veterans from even the Revolutionary War buried there.
It was beautiful...
I just wanted to share a bit of our wonderful vacation. I just love spending time with these
people I live with :)

Since being back, I finished a little something that I'd started on. I made Allie be my model :)
I used some pieces of vintage jewelry, fabric flowers that I made and seam binding for the tie.
I had though that I would use more of the pieces of jewelry I had, along the chain but I couldn't figure
out a way that I liked it so I left it like this. What do you think?

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Lindsay Cheek said...

Love it!! :) Great job. its beautiful

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