Saturday, September 11, 2010

fun, new frames in my shop!

I'm slowly adding these
to my Etsy shop!

I just love them and the best part is....nothing to break!
I love to have pictures on low tables but I've had numerous frames break and then you have
broken glass to deal with...

The simplicity also adds to it's charm but the fancy bow with buckle
gives it a twist.

Go on, give it a peek :)


Okie Chic said...

Very cute!!!! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.
To answer a couple of your questions. I live in Owasso Ok. I go to the city alot. I have two kids that live there I have a son that goes to OU and a newlywed and recent ou graduate that lives in surrey hills. I go all over for junk lol. I recently visited the rink up where you are and I loved it. Anywhoo nice meetn you!!! Love meetin new okies.

Okie Chic said...

OppsI forgot to tell you about the bee it is screenprinted on there.

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