Monday, April 13, 2009

my "Big Garage Sale" finds

I got a whole roll of pretty pink floral wallpaper for 25 cents
that I can use to line shelves.
The bird, I'm going to attempt
to make one of those pretty big tassles
and put him on the top.

The mossy heart wreath is just like something I was going
to attempt to make but for 50 cents, why bother making it myself??
I just thought the bunny was cute.

I LOVE this frame! I love the flower detail and how it's
partly chipping off...ahh beautiful.
The fancy gold frame is just the right juxtaposition with
the chippy, old one.. my favorite combination.
This is a great black frame, both were 25 cents each
or something ridiculous.

I LOVE old platters like this, it makes me wonder
if this was once some young brides wedding gift.
It has the perfect aged beauty to it...

I also found a white chippy metal plant stand, table base, thing. Right now it's on my porch with an old galvanized bucket that I had which fit right in. I was thinking of planting some flowers that would spill over the edge in it.

I got some neat vintage jewelry pieces to remake into necklaces and some vintage seam binding. I bought Millie a half set of little Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit series books and some old books that had pretty colors to use for decorating. I didn't get much but what I did get, I really love!

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