Wednesday, March 3, 2010

thrift store scores

I haven't done much thrifting for a while but I went for half-price day to
a couple of my favorite spots and scored some great finds so I thought I'd share!

look at this cute sleigh I found for $25! My heart skipped a beat...
I want to take off the cheesy greenery, I want a more vintage-y trim with
silver-y, off-white colors... ideas please??
I found the wreath for a $1! Don't you just love the beautiful poinsetta?! kidding...
Who on earth would seriously hang this thing in their house? I have plans for a makeover for it...
the giant hat box for my daughter's french bedroom, to be recovered, for $2.
some old books that have good, worn edges for vignette props that I'm going to cover and for my wreath project...
some cute clothes for my eldest daughter, the skirt of course, to be worn with shorts or as a swimsuit cover. she loves stores like Abercrappie so buying them used is no different than buying them new, they look used when they're new! all the pink tags were .99 cents!
for my youngest, some brand new Limited Too/Justice pants for $2!
cute summer tops for my youngest, all name brands (which I am not a brand snob but when you buy them used, the name brands like Gap or Gymboree are
in much better condition). all of them half of the price on the tag!

and for yours truly, a cute pair of Gap espadrilles for 1 dolla! Yowza!
they may have been worn once...I don't think they're the height of fashion right now but I don't care, I still like them...

1 comment:

ellie said...

What great scores! esp. the clothes....I love espadrilles and love those you picked out...I bought a pair of green ones at the GW a few years ago and they fit one foot and not the I never got to where them but I find a few over at Payless.

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