Thursday, January 6, 2011

an old project

this is a project I LOVE that I did a long time ago but have never shared.
The chairs were found at Curb-mart (i.e. fancy way to say the curb) via my mom. Good eye, Mom!
I set them up and took a picture to give you the visual...
oooh! Someone's throwing away those chairs!
My amazing daughter could do something sweet with those!
Thanks chair-throwing-away-people!
I'll take 'em!

I put them side-by-side & gave them a light coat of matte mod podge
to keep the paint at just the right chippy-ness.

I found the perfect board/door thing combing the my grandma's attic

I added some padding and fabric to the board and finished it with black braided trim.
I bought this great black & white houndstooth suiting fabric at a
garage sale and covered a rectangle pillow form.
I love the way this pillow turned out.

Is this not the cutest little bench?!

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Okie Chic said...

Hi I do remember you fellow okie. I live in Owasso Oklahoma near Tulsa. And no I can't believe this weather my husband just got back from the store and said he was like number 20 in line. Ugh... So lets get our craft on. lol Can't wait to see what you come up with. Love the City by the way.

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