Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The "After"...and another "Before"

Ta-da! I LOVE the way she turned out! I put her right by my front door, now maybe my guy won't lose his keys anymore! I painted her a minty green color, then antiqued it with a stain/glaze. She was beat up and had a lot of nicks and scratches, which is good for antiquing. So, yeah I just love her...

~If anyone out there has any old furniture they want to give me or redo for them, contact me!~

The Story of a Sad Chair
There once was an ugly chair who nobody wanted. She was sat on and mistreated. She was trying to find another home, but still no one would take her. Even when she was marked down to $12, still she just sat, until one day a girl who had an eye for junk saw the potential in her and brought her home. That girl gave her the beauty makeover she deserved....


Megan said...

Your blog is fabulous! I want to see the after pics of the chair, and I love other pieces that you have redone! You are really talented.

Velvet and Linen said...

Great job. Your little cabinet will look great by your front door.


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