Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday garage sale steals!

Despite the freezing cold, I braved it to go look at this garage sale I saw online. They had pictures and in one of them I saw what looked like, a dress form, possibly vintage. I got there and found that they had sold it the day before and that it was very old, ugh!! Oh well, however I DID find some really cool vintage goods~ A big bunch of beautiful old silver(not the pitcher, that's just what I'm putting it in to display in my kitchen), a vintage flower frog (these are so cool for using to display an old photo or postcard), and a wire shoe(I LOVE that, thought it would be cute in one of my girls' rooms with something in it)! The nice lady told me to give her a price so I got it all for $5.00! ...and Jeff told me not to spend the whole $50 in one place..Ha!

1 comment:

julie mays said...

Love your garage sale finds. I have several frogs, but have never seen one like that. Julie

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